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Hunger and Poverty Reduction

By: Robert Maull

A vital portion of HAFI's mission statement is The Hunger and Poverty Pillar. Why? It's estimated that nearly one-third of

African American children are likely to be poor, which is much higher than other groups of people. We realize that poverty

continues to prevent too many in our community from realizing the benefits of the American dream. A child living in poverty is

unlikely to reach its full potential. Our current efforts to attack and reduce poverty and hunger in our community include

partnering with several organizations that focus on these issues daily. Open Hand Atlanta is one of these organizations. We

provide man-power in their kitchen monthly helping to prepare and deliver meals to neighbors that can't afford their meals and

those at risk of chronic disease because of their diets. The Atlanta Community Food Bank is also an organization that we partner

with to help address the issue of hunger in our community. We regularly participate in the Hunger Walk Run which brings

awareness to the issue of hunger both locally and globally. Last but certainly not least, we are regular volunteers at Hosea Feed

the Hungry and Homeless. These organizations are on the front line each day tackling the issues of hunger and poverty. It is our

belief that we can better serve our community by making sure that we do our part to reduce hunger and poverty everywhere,

but especially in our community which is disproportionately impacted. HAFI will continue to partner with other organizations

as we continue to develop our own programs.