19 Letter

Welcome to the 19th Letter. The purpose of the 19th letter is to raise money in order to purchase a facilty for HAFI and Thunderin' TAU Chapter.

This new facility can be used for hosting chapter and committee meetings.

This new facility can also be used to host events which will enable the HAFI and TAU chapter to make money and save money by not renting out facilities, etc.

The 19th Letter Committee will periodically email a spreadsheet to the chapter showing the following:

  • - Those who made a pledge
    - Pledge amount
- Pledege balance
  • - Total Amount paid


Requested Pledge Amounts:

- The Minimum donation is $500.00
- The Maximum donation is $1,250.00

Thank you in advance for all of you support.

19th Letter Chairmain,

Bro. Brian Boulware



19 Letter Donation

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Donations can also be mailed to the following address with checks made payable to High Aspirations Foundation, INC.

PO Box 7369
Atlanta, GA 30357